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We've just launched a brand new website providing you with a comprehensive window into the world of emergency tank and portable showers used globally by oil, gas, chemical and utility companies.


Going To Extremes

Safety Showers only have to meet the latest requirements and regulations governing health and safety, they also have to be able to withstand and operate reliably in extreme environmental conditions.


Running the Risk of Incomplete Decontamination

Is 15 minutes dowsing time enough?



With over 50 years combined experience in the safety industry, we are experts in the design and manufacture of any safety shower, eyewash or safety drenching equipment you require. Our extensive and comprehensive range of free standing showers are manufactured using stainless steel valves and linkages, which are suitable for use with mains water supply. Our corrosion resistant units are protected by a very heavy-duty, highly visible outer jacket, which provides protection from harsh environments and accidental damage.

Our range of Tank Showers are manufactured in stainless steel and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic); built to withstand any environment. These can operate from -40° C up to 40° C. Because many of our showers are self draining they cannot overheat or freeze.

All our emergency showers and eyebaths are ANSI Z3581 2009 compliant and come with a two year guarantee. GOST, ATEX or CSA approved.

Mains Fed Safety Showers

Operated using an uninterrupted mains water supply. For installation in work areas where there is a high risk of accidents involving corrosive, irritant or toxic substances. For indoor,outdoor,offshore and portable use and for environments where there is the possibility of frozen pipework, corrosion and extreme heat. ANSI Z358.1 2009 compliant.


Tepid/Tank Safety Showers

For when there is no mains water supply. Ideal for remote/inhospitable environments, extensive plant works and extreme temperatures (-40°C to 40°). Units can be fixed or transported easily. ATEX, GOST & CSA certified - ANSI Z358.1 2009 compliant with 15 minutes or more tepid water drench time.Can be custom made for special environments.



Portable self contained & mainsfed eyebaths are available for indoor, outdoor and offshore use. Suitable for any environment. ANSI Z358.1 2009 compliant.

Wash down hosereels & eyewash stations also available.