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To heat or not to heat? That is the question

Safety officers and purchasing/facility managers now have to be mindful of the fact that it is no longer an option to give their workforce cold water safety showers direct from the mains. The right decision can therefore be difficult to make about what safety equipment they actually need for purpose.


Three Nozzle Eyebath for Total Decontamination

GEB3 Eyebath gives automatic access to three diffuser nozzles which avoids contaminants being driven into the optic system.


Mobile Safety Shower with Chiller

The Mobile Bowser range is now available with a fixed chiller unit for hot climates, giving 15 minutes guaranteed cooled water drench time.



In order to handle the complexities of contamination on an operative’s clothing and skin there is an argument to suggest that just the recommended ANSI Z358.1 standard of 15 minutes of dowsing time may, in many cases, not be long enough.

In fact, the demands now being made by COSH (the control of substances hazardous to health) have increased from a drench time of between 20 and 30 minutes; 30 minutes being standard in America.

It had previously been thought that a 15 minute drench time would be a suitable length to wash most contamination off clothing.  Unfortunately, hazardous substances can react when coming into contact with water. Chemicals such as caustic soda turn to a slimy consistency which can be difficult to wash off.  This can result in contaminants remaining on clothing even after a 15 minute dowse. The problem comes once the tepid water gets colder, operatives can see this as an indication to step out of the shower believing their clothing to be free of the spillage and knowing that cold water can exacerbate the problem.  However, in some cases, burning induced material has been known to continue to drip off or seep through clothing and onto the skin after having exited a tank shower.

This has led to demands being made especially by the petrochemical industry for safety tank showers to be able to hold a larger capacity of tepid water.  In answer to this, companies such as Showers & Eyebaths Services manufacture bespoke units that guarantee a staggering 30 minutes of tepid water, notwithstanding the extreme climatic conditions in which safety showers are sited.

 These safety tank showers have been developed especially for use in inhospitable and out of the way environments as they provides additional water capacity if the tank cannot be refilled straight away.  It also means that there is sufficient water with which to carry out weekly testing and still have the recommended water supply remaining in the tank.

With 30 minutes of guaranteed drenching, if a site has no mains water immediately available, depending on the risk, a 2500 litre tank capacity ensures that there is enough water for two people to use consecutively.  And even if an operative uses the specified 15 minutes there is still spare capacity if maintenance crews cannot access the tank shower immediately for a refill.



Showers & Eyebaths Services is a global leader in the bespoke manufacture of Emergency Safety Showers and Eyebath/Facewash equipment, providing solutions to employee safety whilst ensuring compliance with regulations is maintained. 

The company has the technology and specialist engineering expertise to provide emergency showers that can withstand extreme temperatures down to minus 40 degrees centigrade and up to plus 40 degrees centigrade and can retrofit dry rooms for added protection.

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