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To heat or not to heat? That is the question

Safety officers and purchasing/facility managers now have to be mindful of the fact that it is no longer an option to give their workforce cold water safety showers direct from the mains. The right decision can therefore be difficult to make about what safety equipment they actually need for purpose.


Three Nozzle Eyebath for Total Decontamination

GEB3 Eyebath gives automatic access to three diffuser nozzles which avoids contaminants being driven into the optic system.


Mobile Safety Shower with Chiller

The Mobile Bowser range is now available with a fixed chiller unit for hot climates, giving 15 minutes guaranteed cooled water drench time.


13 Nozzle Walk Through Safety Shower

Showers & Eyebaths Services now offers a clear sided 13 nozzle walk through safety shower designed for total decontamination - the GMNSS13.

For operatives working in highly hazardous conditions this unit provides easy walk-in walk-out access which is ideal for those wearing personal protective suits. The GMNSS13 has a large panic bar operation requiring little effort especially if wearing restrictive clothing or bulky gloves.  The clear sides ensures that the health and wellbeing of the operative can be constantly monitored during the showering process.  

The unit is manufactured using corrosion resistant material and being self-draining it is suitable for outside use. ATEX and GOST certified.

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