GEB3 Mains fed Eyebath/Eyewash GEB3/EW plus flexible handheld Eyewash

Safety Showers and Eyebaths
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GEB3 Mains fed Eyebath/Eyewash GEB3/EW Mains fed Eyebath with flexible handheld Eyewash

Manufactured from High Density Polyethylene, giving a long and trouble free life, and suitability for outside use.
Designed to be highly visible for ease of identification. Available for non hazardous and hazardous areas.
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· 1/2” BSPM Stainless inlet
· Recommend 2-3 bar water inlet pressure
· Automatic turn on when lid is lifted
· Self draining - no risk of Legionella formation
· 3 x Diffuser nozzles for total decontamination
· Flow control regulator
· Micron 5 Filter removes impurities from entering eyes
· Stainless operating valve
· 40mm Plastic waste outlet & pipework
· Meets ANSI Z358.1-2014


AEB3T - Fitted to tank shower - as above ( no filter fitted)
AEB3 - Fitted to mains fed shower - as above

Optional Extras

Remote alarm
Stainless Pedestal
Scald Valve
Eyebath foot treadle
Pressure reg.valve
Inlet Strainer
Flexible hand held eyewash