GWM1R Wall Mounted

Safety Showers and Eyebaths
for industry worldwide
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Manufactured from GRP Yellow outer case, ABS pipe work and stainless steel which are corrosion resistant materials, giving superior strength; a long life, and suitability for outside use.
Designed to be highly visible for ease of identification and work first time every time.
Ideal for any environment
These units are self draining and therefore can not overheat or freeze*
* we would recommend frost protection on operating valve for units installed in temperatures below -5 deg C

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1” BSPF stainless inlet at top of unit ( available at back as option)
Recommend 2-3 bar water pressure from 1” NB supply pipe work
304 Stainless pull handle operation
Stainless operating Valve
Overhead ABS Rose - 75lpm
No obstruction in confined areas
Rigid Pictorial Safety Sign
Manufactured to ANSI Z358.1-2014


GWM1R :         Heavy Duty wall mounted shower with ABS overhead rose
GWM1R/EW :  Heavy Duty wall mounted shower with ABS overhead rose and additional hand held flexible eyewash

Optional Extras

Alarm switch(s) Alarm & Siren Pendant lamp
Stainless shower rose Stainless shower nozzle Frost protection