GPS20 Self Contained

Safety Showers and Eyebaths
for industry worldwide
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Manufactured in house, this unit is ideal for applications where there is no mains water supply.
This unit will give 22-25 minutes of water before the need to refill.
Where there is no drainage system to collect the water, it is important for adequate ground drainage under
and around the unit especially if there is a risk of the water freezing
Suitable for ATEX areas. Zone 1 & 2

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●2000L Polyethylene Water tank on trailer ( guaranteed 22-25mins tepid water supply)
● Tail Lights, Turning Signals ( indicator lights),License plate lights, (oblong number plate),Rear Fog
Light, Rear reversing light, Side marker reflectors, Front marker reflectors, Inertia Over run auto reverse
brakes rated at 1500KG, Parking Brake.
● Stabilizing legs
● 3Kw( 240v) or 1.7Kw(110v) 1Ph 50Hz Immersion heater set at 18 deg C
● Bumper bar
● Spare wheel bracket with spare tyre
● Galvanized trailer
● Safety shower with overhead stainless nozzle(operated by handle)
● Stainless operating valves
● Eyebath( Twin nozzles & pull down lid)
● Stainless supporting bracket to hold eyebath
● Tow Hitch – 2” ball Hitch or 40mm eyering hitch
● Pneumatic pump
● Air cylinder bracket & straps *
● External airline connection for air cylinder *
* Cylinder and regulator not supplied.
● Visual water level indicator
● All applicable safety signs
● 4 x Wheel Chucks


MODEL          PUMP           HEATER
GPS20-240    Pneumatic     240v - 3Kw
GPS20-110    Pneumatic     110v - 1.7Kw