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GFTS Inspection Ladder For Tank Shower

Manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel which are corrosion resistant materials, giving a long life and trouble free life.
This option of an inspection ladder is that it is permanently fixed to the exterior of a safety tank shower to provide an operative with a rigid, secure and safe solution to gaining access to a safety tank inspection hatch which can be over 3 meters high for maintenance. and inspection purposes.

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304 stainless frame
Non slip rungs
Stainless steel Cage
Non slip gritted yellow platform
Meets or exceeds ANSI A14.3 standards
Meets OSHA 3124-12R-2003 Standards
Meets OSHA 1910.27 standards


AVAILABLE FOR 350 Litre; 1200Litre, 1500 Litre & 2500 Litre UNITS.