GFTS12L - 15L Tank Shower Offshore

Safety Showers and Eyebaths
for industry worldwide
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Manufactured from Glass Reinforced Plastic and 316 Stainless Steel which are corrosion resistant materials, giving a long life, and suitability for outside use.
Designed to be highly visible for ease of identification.
Suitable for non hazardous or hazardous areas.
Suitable for temperatures -20 deg C to +40 deg C
Unit has been tested for horizontal load 0.61G and vertical load 0.44G. Suitable for offshore applications; moving
platforms, etc.

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Green 1500L pre-insulated, sealed tank with internal baffles.
2x 3/4” brass ball float valves & 6” plastic floats suitable for 2-10Bar water supply pressure. (Low Pressure valves also available)
Screened overflow (40mm) & vent for minimum risk of Legionella
316 stainless frame - Braced
Lifting brackets
Inspection hatch built in lid for maintenance purposes
Stainless panic bar for extra security
Stainless testing lever
1” BSPM inlet (other sized inlets available including flanged & NPT)
Overhead ABS rose - 75lpm
Meets ANSI Z358.1-2014 standards
All applicable Safety signs with green & white stripes

Optional Extras

Water Heater pads & stat
Flexible eyewash
Various alarms (local & remote)
Drain Valve
PVC Curtain
Side & Rear Panels
Strip Curtain
Temperature Gauge 
Drain Sump
Auto Siphon
Water level indicator
Sun Canopy